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Certifications that will connect you to successful outcomes and job opportunities.

Industry Focus

Experienced teachers with current industrial experience

    Online/offshore will be delivered are: Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Taiwan

Royal Gateway College - Your Partner to Success

Royal Gateway College is one of Australia’s leading providers of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses. We offer a variety of qualifications for domestic, onshore and offshore international students across a wide range of Business, Leadership and Management and English language courses. Royal Gateway College works closely with industry to ensure all of our courses teach the
skills that are in demand by employers today. Our students graduate with contemporary and relevant skills, taught by industry current teachers who are passionate about helping students to succeed. Our courses are designed to create pathways towards further study opportunities through partnerships we have with many Australian Universities. Royal Gateway College educates domestic and international students from our boutique campus located at Spring Hill in Brisbane Located 1Km from the Brisbane CBD.

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Why Choose Us?

The team at Royal Gateway understand the importance of excellent training solutions that are catered to the unique needs of our clients. We offer a hands-on learning experience that focuses on meeting and exceeding your organisation’s training goals. Our common sense approach to learning ensures that our participants thoroughly understand what is being discussed and can utilise what they have learnt in a practical and effective way upon completion of their diploma.

Dedicated Support

Royal Gateway supply each student with complete learning materials including Workbooks, Assessment Records and Textbooks, where applicable. Recommended learning resources are also communicated to students by trainers. Small lectures and tutorials, additional workshops and the support of language and welfare advisers provide an excellent learning environment. Classrooms are equipped with technology for delivery of modern teaching methods. Our expert teachers with up to date industry knowledge, provide you with nurturing support throughout our practical, hands on courses. Our students have access to a myriad of student support services and resources such as the Library and Computer Lab to ensure that your study experience is a positive one.


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