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Royal Gateway College RTO: 32321 CRICOS: 03471M was established in 2016 at Spring Hill, Brisbane, Australia, Royal Gateway College specialises in delivering accredited training, education and certification within the Business, Auditing and Sporting industries. At Royal Gateway College we believe that all students should be challenged to attain their highest standards to reach their ideal goals in life and we aim to educate, mentor and guide our students to achieve quality educational outcomes. Royal Gateway College offers the highest quality in vocational education, our mission is to nurture our student’s individual qualities, preparing our students for meaningful and purposeful lives and world class opportunities. We have a large bespoke scope of qualifications on offer, which is delivered by a variety of delivery methods to ensure our students needs are met at all times. One of the key areas setting Royal Gateway apart from the others is our leading-edge learning management system. By incorporating our contextualised resources into this system it enables students and trainers to interact and learn straight from the system by either face to face or on-line delivery. Royal Gateway’s learning management system ensures students have a one stop shop for access to their trainer, resources, libraries, I.T. assistance and more it offers all students a superior and enjoyable learning experience. Royal Gateway College is licensed and approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) and to deliver Vocational Education and Training (VET). We are also CRICOS registered, allowing us to deliver our courses to International students.

AT Royal Gateway College we deliver a range of qualifications to kick-start your career –

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