International Students

Choosing the right college is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. As a student, your educational experience will be one of the most exciting and inspiring periods in your life. Royal Gateway takes great pride in being counted amongst the best educational precincts across Australia. Our quality is always the result of hard work, sincere efforts, vision and skilful execution. Our leading-edge educational infrastructure, along with our dedication to teaching, learning and quality practices, gives our students the ideal platform to succeed in all areas of their lives within Royal Gateway and beyond. As proud as we are of our ability to educate the mind, we are equally proud of our ability to nurture our student’s individual qualities. Preparing students for meaningful and purposeful lives and world class opportunities is at the core of Royal Gateway’s mission.

One of the key elements of Royal Gateway’s ongoing success is our industry leading student learning management suite. The “LIME Room” is tailored to the needs of today’s students, providing 24/7 access to all study resources, materials and ongoing support. Through our sustained focus on the quality of our courses together with our superior teaching, training and mentoring educational specialists, success in your chosen pathway is always at the forefront of our mission to your accomplishment as a student. Royal Gateway College is delivering a specialised and unsurpassed quality of service built upon a hard earned and long standing reputation for educational excellence built up over two decades.

Campus Locations:
Brisbane, Royal Gateway College is found in the locality of Brisbane, in 1 km proximity to the CBD and all of the public transport, services, attractions and convenience that make Brisbane Australia’s new world city.


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