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Legislation / Contracts

Freedom of Information Act 1982.

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• The purpose of this policy is to ensure that effective administrative records management procedures are in place for students who wish to gain access to their personal information.

• Royal Gateway ensures that the access constitutes integrity, accuracy and the currency of the information being accessed.


• At Royal Gateway we acknowledge that students need access to their records in order to monitor their progress and participation.

• Royal Gateway will facilitate access to records to a student on request.

• It is the responsibility of all staff to respond positively to these requests and assist the student to complete the request form and facilitate access.

• An individual may request copies of their personal records/information or for their personal information to be amended so that it is accurate.

• Students who require access to their records are required to make the request in writing and provide Photo ID.

• Students must specify what records they need access to. Access will only be provided to the student and only after identification has been confirmed.

• Where a third party requires access to a student’s records, they must arrange for the student to complete a signed release of personal information form.

• A Royal Gateway Administration Officer will respond to the request within two business days.


• Student to request access to personal records using the access to personal information form.

• Alternatively, a third party to request access to personal information providing a completed Release of personal Information form signed by the student.

• Identity is confirmed and Photo ID provided.

• Completed form(s) and details of sited identification to be saved in the student’s documents in Royal Gateway’s Student Management System.

• Within 2 days of a request the student receives a response.

• Students to be sent copies of requested documents to be sent within 2 days. If not feasible the student should be contacted to discuss access.

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